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Zeta Research was established as statistics consultant agency. It has developed projects and scientific brokerage studies for research and promotions following the requests of the market. It offers complete services that follow experiments, clinical and pharmaceutical researches in the following sectors: medicine, biomedicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology and medical devices. The research is followed in each phase: from the idea of the trial to the approval phase, through the enlistment phase, monitoring and the final phase of statistical analysis and final reports.


Zeta Research's main purpose is to give market support to the enterprises in study management on national and international level. Zeta Research offers a great range of services in order to assist food industry in its innovating process and development of the new products according to the European requests. The assistance consists in scientific validation of already created products, in the development of new products, studies of its impact on the clients, studies of the market and distribution potential.

Each phase of the projects is implemented with most confidentiality and discretion. This "modus operandi" makes what produced by Zeta Research absolutely independent and valid in an international context. All this makes Zeta Research a freelance company.


  • calendar Roma 11th November 2014 - SSFA
    SEMINARIO DI AGGIORNAMENTO “ STUDI CLINICI IN ONCOLOGIA” organized by the Working Group of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • calendar Obesity week, Boston, November 2-7, 2014
  • calendar San Diego 26-30 Aprile 2014
    EB 2014
  • calendar Malaysia, 17-20 March 2014
    SCT 2014
  • calendar 24th-26th September 2013
    Food-Ing 2013
  • calendar 24th-26th September 2013
    Nuce 2013
  • calendar 1-5 June 2013: IFOS, Seoul
  • calendar Bologna, 13th – 14th March 2014
    XI Congresso Nazionale Aiac: A scuola di Rip&Rid



  • Zeta Research participated in the activities of the SSFA working group "Observational Studies: practical and regulatory aspects" Cologno Monzese (MI) 2 th October 2014 - SSFA
  • Zeta Research has the exclusive rights of using a method to measure “sensitive” issues for clinical and market research in Italy.
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  • Zeta Research is going to present new Scale-up methods at UN conference in Brasil. Exclusively rapresenting it for Italian market.
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