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Tailoring research with you

Zeta Research deals with the analysis of the data obtained from companies to give the necessary information during the period of development and research of the product or service and its market launch.

The core business is to provide a service to customers with which they will be able to know the target market and so develop the most suitable product.

Zeta Research's work is engraved in years of experience in data collection, data analysis, data storage and project management. All studies share the same denominator: scientific thinking and methods are applied in all fields, in order to provide customers not only with solutions specifically forged on their requests, but at the same time, to give them sound data that can be shared and used as strong evidence to build future steps.

Among our clients there are small and medium-sized enterprises; large multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and food companies; healthcare organizations; medical associations and the European Authority.

Customer needs are Zeta's targets.
Zeta Research can scientifically direct your darts in order to get to the point!


Zeta Research offers a scientific assistance service with regard to the drafting and reviewing of the nutritional label and the development of the nutritional table, in accordance with the European Regulation n.1169/2011 on the provision of food which will apply from December 13, 2014. Zeta Research offers the same services also for food products directed to non-European countries, in accordance with the regulations of each country.

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  • calendar Roma 11th November 2014 - SSFA
    SEMINARIO DI AGGIORNAMENTO “ STUDI CLINICI IN ONCOLOGIA” organized by the Working Group of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • calendar Obesity week, Boston, November 2-7, 2014
  • calendar San Diego 26-30 Aprile 2014
    EB 2014
  • calendar Malaysia, 17-20 March 2014
    SCT 2014
  • calendar 24th-26th September 2013
    Food-Ing 2013
  • calendar 24th-26th September 2013
    Nuce 2013
  • calendar 1-5 June 2013: IFOS, Seoul
  • calendar Bologna, 13th – 14th March 2014
    XI Congresso Nazionale Aiac: A scuola di Rip&Rid



  • Zeta Research participated in the activities of the SSFA working group "Observational Studies: practical and regulatory aspects" Cologno Monzese (MI) 2 th October 2014 - SSFA
  • Zeta Research has the exclusive rights of using a method to measure “sensitive” issues for clinical and market research in Italy.
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  • Zeta Research is going to present new Scale-up methods at UN conference in Brasil. Exclusively rapresenting it for Italian market.
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Ad Hoc Research for Your Ideas

Zeta Research's multidisciplinary approach to tailor studies and researches on specific client's need.

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doctors' instruments

Clinical Trials and
Epidemiological Studies

Zeta Research offers specific help in planning, developing, implementing and managing medical devices clinical trial.

Clients needs can be fulfilled from the first steps till the last analysis. Just choose which solution is needed and Zeta will provide it.

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Scientific Research

Whether the need is to develop new knowledge on nutrition or the desire is to understand market's impact of one product, Zeta Research has a scientific and targeted answer ready to be developed.

New products are filling the market; if knowing whether yours will get the right consumers or if it might bear specific claims is your target, Zeta's job is to rapidly help you.

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target your customers

Market Research

When economic competition keeps firing up, your marketing strategy needs to be turned into a winning one: fixing it, if needed, or tailor-making a new one using the ultimate research tools, many of which are specifically developed by Zeta's team of experts!

This is your long term partner for 360° consumer insights, which will follow you all the way through understanding your consumer and boosting your product or service.

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Statistics online

Statistical analysis might be a tough step in the completion of your research. Zeta Research's job is to provide quick solutions, fast analysis and the possibility to modulate the services, cutting time and offering the possibility to directly get a statistician help.

If a congress deadline is approaching and you need a quick intervention in slides or poster preparation, Zeta can offer the specific service.

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